Posted: 3/5/2017

From the class Prez  (sent by email on 01MAR2017)

75, I think we are up and running with our communications. Our company reps are having great success with contacting their company mates.

Test 1: did you receive this email from me directly and from your company rep? If so, then the system is working. If you only received it from me, then you need to contact your company rep (listed at the end of this email). If you only received it from your company rep, then you need to go into and update your Alumni Association contact information. (a reminder: you can opt out of all Alumni Association mail but still allow me to contact you via the class presidents email. so, don’t be afraid to log on and set up your account)

The purpose of this email is to survey the class regarding the next reunion.

Please Note: Respond to your company reps with your input to the survey. Please DO NOT, respond to my email with your responses. The company reps will collate the inputs from the 20 or so members of the company. That will be easier than my receiving 1300 emails from the class. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from you, it just means I don’t want to collate 1300 surveys. Only input from the company reps will be counted.

USNA 75 45th Reunion Survey:

1.  What did you like most about the 40th?

2.  What didn’t you like about the 40th  (weather notwithstanding)?

3.  Was the cost (not including individual transportation) too great for the experience/opportunities for comradery delivered? Too little? About right?

4.  How important is it to you to have the 45th in Annapolis (scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being extremely important)?

5.  If not Annapolis, where would you suggest (lower 48 please)?  Also, consider that proximity to a larger metropolitan locations eases travel arrangements.

6.  How important is it to you to have the 45th on a football weekend? (scale of 1 to 5)

7.  Would you be receptive to a reunion in the fall on a non-football weekend?

8.  Would you consider a reunion at USNA during a major away game? This would allow us to watch the game in the N* room without purchasing a ticket to enter the stadium. It would also allow us to set a date farther in advance. Now that we are in a conference, the schedule is not set until January of the same year. The Air Force game is away during our 45th, but it is already scheduled.

9.  Would you be receptive to a reunion in the spring?

10. Would you like a spring reunion during a spring sport weekend? We often have off year reunions during a spring sports.

i. Lacrosse       ii.  Baseball

11. What events would you like to see repeated during the 45th reunion?

i.  Crab Feast         ii. Golf tournament       iii. Formal Dinner                iv. Dancing

v. Informal BBQ     vi. Farewell Brunch      vii. Company event time

12. Which (if any) of the above events did you feel were not worth the effort or was the most unsatisfactory?

13. Would you prefer a more expensive hotel that is located within walking distance of downtown Annapolis?

14. Would you prefer a less expensive hotel farther out and utilize busses for transportation.

15. Are you interested in a standard giveaway?

16. Would you prefer more Class Crest items to purchase?

17. Would you be interested in a class crest for your blue blazer?

18.  Which committee would you consider joining to improve the overall experience/enjoyment of the    45th Reunion.  Volunteers from afar are welcomed!

19.  Other items or comments…of a constructive nature:

Thank you for participating in the survey and we value your input. 

Regards,       Chris “Chick” Cikanovich