News and info for the Class of 1975 45th reunion, scheduled for October 1 – 4, 2020, in Annapolis, MD.  The USNA – USAFA game will be in Colorado but we will be in the Ackerson Tower at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, watching the game.  Stay tuned here, on our FaceBook page, to email blasts, and the Registration Page for additional information.

5/7/2020Finalized draft of class bylaws for review.  Vote for the bylaws and class officers on the Reunion Registration Site (even if you are not planning on attending) when it comes online (soon).

Class of 1975 final bylaws for vote

1/6/2020 – Flyer for the reunion.

3/18/2020 – Message from Class President about “are we going to have the reunion?”

Dear Class of ’75,  I have been contacted by classmates who are wondering if we are going to have our reunion in October.

There are several things to note:

The Academy has postponed the DGA ceremony until October 16 to coincide with the 175th anniversary of the Academy.   I share their confidence that October will be long after we have survived this pandemic.

Since we have our reuinon during an away game, I think we will be less encumbered by any changes to the game schedule resulting from any fallout from our current national emergency.

I will look to our classmates who are medical professionals to provide guidance as we get to late August or early September.

Since we extended the deadline for individuals to announce their candidacy for a class officer position, we have had to delay the launch of the reunion registration site to include the election.

So hang in there.  Stay safe and practice good hygiene.

All the best.      Regards,     Chris

4/9/2020 – DRAFT of the Class Charter and Bylaws         1975-Draft-Bylaws