These items are pretty constant year round, sometimes seasonally.  Reference information for your use.

Photos and sea stories — Do you have some pictures of you and/or classmates for the whole class to see?  Maybe a “sea story”?  Please contact the webmaster to have your photos or stories posted.

[Seasonal] Class of 1975 Home Football Tailgate info — 2021 games

Come join us for home games.  Our tailgate site is #4, and is located on the Gold Side of the stadium, at the farthest east edge of the parking lot (on the sidewalk, next to the handicap parking spaces, near the walkover to the new court house.  Site #4, you have a site map).  Bring a snack to share, if convenient; come any way, if not.  The keg, water, soda, and the set-up (tables, grill, plastic utensils and paper plates) arrive about 3 hours before game time and continue after the game, weather permitting.  Contact Nancy (Burd) Laabs (410-279-1163) or Steve Laabs (607-761-6190) for more information or if temporarily misguided (lost).  Please let us know if you will attend so that we can plan accordingly.  Also, please pass to others so we can continue to build our database.

American Athletic Conference

DATE – Opponent – Start time (Eastern)

  • 29 OCT –      At Tulsa –                   19:30, ESPN2
  • 06 NOV –      At Notre Dame –        15:30, NBC
  • 20 NOV –           East Carolina –     15:30, CBSSN
  • 27 NOV –      At Temple –                 TBD
  • 11 DEC –       At Army –                   15:00, CBS

Distinguished Graduate Award (DGA) – Guidance for submission for members of USNA 1975

Guidance is here.   75 DGA Policy Guidance-1

[For USNAAA LIFE members] USNA Alumni Classmail

Update: 12FEB2017 – From USNAAA

We’re making classmail better! Starting in February, we will begin moving the classmail service over to a new provider. There should be no interruption of service during this migration.

What’s new?

Classmail is now a full email service, not just a forwarding service (It can still forward as well). It’s powered by Google G Suites, just like Gmail is. Your classmail email address will remain the same but now you can log into it and use it just like you use Gmail. You’ll also have access to all the other google services like Google Docs and Google Sheets.

What do you need to do?

Over the next month, you will receive an email from that will require you to confirm your forwarding address. All members who want to use classmail will need to take action. Even if you want to continue to forwarding email to the same address, you’ll need to approve the forwarding request that was sent to this address and follow the instructions in that email. A separate email will be sent with login credentials to use the new service as full service email.

If you have any questions, please email

————————– ORIGINAL POST ———————————————–

You can now receive a distinctive USNA Alumni Association email address that shows you are a Naval Academy alumnus – FREE to Alumni Association LIFE Members!  Lifetime Email Forwarding — CLASSMAIL —It’s FREE!!  Brand yourself as a Naval Academy graduate.  You’ll never have to notify your family, friends and colleagues of a new email address.

Tired of changing your email address when your ISP folds and then having to notify everyone on your email lists? Want another way to show your affinity to the Naval Academy and the last class to have a Plebe Year?  The U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association is pleased to offer you our newest Life Member Benefit – Classmail. Classmail is a lifetime email forwarding service that will allow you to communicate with other members of the Naval Academy alumni community and your family and friends without having to change your personal email address more than once.  As graduates of the Academy we know how often we move all over the world. Classmail offers you the opportunity to only have to come to one place to change your email address.

Lifetime email forwarding allows you, as a lifetime member of the Association, to register for a FREE, permanent alias email. The format of this email address will be (ex, Email sent to this account will be forwarded to an active email address that you provide to us by entering it yourself through the Alumni Association Website. You can forward to real email addresses anywhere on the Internet.

Here’s the simple process:  Visit and enter the Alumni Only section of the web site.  Login with your USERNAME and PASSWORD (if you’ve never registered, follow the directions on the registration page).  Click on the ‘Update your Profile’ and it will take you to the profile form where you can activate this free service.

NOT A LIFE MEMBER? — If you are not currently a life member of the Alumni Association please visit the membership section to join / upgrade. While you are there take a look at the many other benefits your membership affords you.