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Dress codes, masks, check in, goody bags, transport, Herff Jones, etc

Posted: 10/28/2021

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Latest reunion 2021 news and Schedule of Events

Posted: 10/22/2021

Go to the “45th (+1) Reunion” tab for the latest info and a PDF schedule.

9/15/2021 – News about the reunion and class gift

Posted: 9/15/2021

Get the latest info under the tabs for “Class Giving” and “45th (+ 1) Reunion”.

Class of 1975 – Reunion 45 (+1) info and request for info

Posted: 4/25/2021

From 4/22/2021 “Class Email Blast (from Class Prez Chick) –


Dear 75

Over the last 2 weeks I received several queries about the reunion and other class projects.   I was out of the office and prefered to work from my laptop in the hopes of not missing to disseminate key information.

I recently sent out updates via the class blast on the reunion and other class projects and hoped that the Co Reps would duplicate distribution.   Apparently the Class Blast did not go out to All Hands and was missed by some of the Co Reps which in turn meant the comms did not get to those who are not on the Alumni Association distribution.

This email went out to your company reps earlier today.  We are also duplicating the info on the Facebook Page and on our Website.   Short of 1300 phone calls, we are trying our best to get updates to All Hands.

Understand, this is what I know as of today, 22 April 2021.  Please pass along to any 75er you may meet:

Reunion Update:

The details are fairly easy.   The plan is exactly as it was planned for 2020 except that it is now planned for 4-7 November 2021.

  • Thursday: Golf Tournament and evening Crab Feast.
  • Friday: Memorial Service, Class Meeting, evening Dinner Dahlgren Hall (we have the entire place so we can safely social distance).
  • Saturday: Football Notre Dame away, televised in tailgate venue.  Tailgate in Ackerson tower (not available during home games.)  Home games were already being held by classes having their major reunions v1.  Those of us doing v2 are working options.  We chose ND weekend.
  • Saturday Evening: Company Parties.
  • Sunday: Chapel and Brunch per company as you wish.

In the next few weeks, we will be meeting to see what the Supe will actually allow.

I have a Council of Class Presidents meeting on 28 April.   We hope to get an idea of the Supes plans at that time.   Remember, if the Supe shuts down the yard, then we have to cancel all events on the yard.

I have a meeting with our event planners on 5 May to review dates and deadlines for execution of contracts.

(Late entry) Follow up.   Many have asked about hotels.  We are planning for the same hotels.   Renegotiation to begin after 5 May.   Planning cheap options for those who prefer that option.  We are not planning a Headquarters hotel.

Also, Please check on the widows in your company.   Some are not getting the class blast even though I add them to the list.   My choices, Grads Only.   Non Grads and Widows.   Don’t want to forget our ladies…one and all. (End of Late Entry)

I have asked your Company Reps to survey your company and find out who plans to attend the 2021 reunion.   I just need a simple answer of # who will attend.   That will help us to determine if we have the number of attendees to cover minimums.

Right now the CDC says that vaccinated people can congregate with other vaccinated people without wearing masks.   At least that is what I think I heard.

Thanks for your help and understanding.


Chris “Chick” Cikanovich      Cell: 443-373-3346

Class of 1975 – Another Link in the Chain info

From 4/14/2021 “Class Email Blast” from Class Prez Chick (note request for info in last paragraph about Reunion 45 [+1] –


75, Greetings from Key West,

Somewhere along the way you expressed an interest in helping with Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) program.
I suppose you are wondering – what are we doing with the Class of 2025?
– The Class of 2025 should all receive their appointments over the next week.  As such we are starting to get requests for welcome aboard functions from the various regional alumni and parent groups.  The groups would like to have a member of the class of 75 attend and provide a talk to the incoming plebes.
The ALITC Chair, Steve Hubbard, is preparing a power point presentation for our representatives.  Of course we don’t know which event will be in person or virtual.
Steve is looking for volunteers to make the presentation.  Volunteers, please reply to Steve ( ) & cc me ( , providing your home location so Steve can match them with requests. Also provide how far you are willing to travel (i.e., 50 miles, a hundred,miles)
We are waiting on information for I Day and will update as appropriate.
– Later in the summer is the Honor Coin Ceremony (where we present a challege coin to each member of the Class of 2025).
– At the end of the summer .. IF there is a Parent’s Weekend, IF there is a parade, IF we get an invite to attend, I will forward a note on that as well.
As an aside, please let your company representative know if you plan to attend the reunion during the weekend of November 4-6.  I would like to get an idea of interest.
Chris “Chick”.

Class of 1975 – Class Bylaws – final draft

Posted: 5/7/2020

Review here and vote on acceptance (and for class officers) at the class Reunion Registration site, even if you don’t plan to attend the reunion.   Class of 1975 final bylaws for vote

Class of 1975 – 45th Reunion flyer

Posted: 1/6/2020

Flyer for the reunion



Class of ’75 Goes to Navy/Notre Dame in Dublin, 2020

Posted: 2/4/2019
From Chuck “GQ” Geyer  (sent by email on 03FEB2019)

Hello Classmates!                                                                                         

Mark your calendars: The Aer Lingus College Football Classic, 2020.

Dates: Thursday, August 27-Monday, August 31
As some of you may know, in 2012 I put together an alternative to Anthony Travel’s official package to Ireland for the Navy vs Notre Dame game in Dublin. We had 32 Flowerchild couples occupy a manor house outside Dublin with activities that included local area tours, a golf outing, Flowerchild dinners, a “Tailgate” and, of course, a blocked Flowerchild seating area for the game.
For 2020 I’ve again returned to Tenon Tours to put together a similar package. In classic fashion, they have met and exceeded my expectations! This time, our headquarters hotel will be the Herbert Park Hotel  a four star hotel about 10 minutes walking distance from Aviva Stadium. It actually offers a great venue in a convenient location at a very competitive price. In fact, price wise, our four day package is now less than the three day basic package offered by Anthony Travel with even more perks! As you read on, I think that you’ll agree: the biggest perk of all is the incredible flexibility and customer service that Tenon Tours offers. We currently have 80 rooms blocked, so there is a good chance that we may have a hotel brimming with Flowerchildren!
Here is a link to the Tenon Tours website to enable registration and deposit submission. I know that there will be questions that the website may not answer. As such, I’ve prepared some “Gouge” to assist with your decision making process as you make your official reservations. PLEASE READ THE GOUGE! If you have any other questions that even the Gouge fails to answer, please feel free to send me an email.
1. Tenon Tours is offering a $100 per person early registration discount. This discount is good until midnight on Friday, February 15.
2. There are approximately 80 rooms available at the Herbert Park Hotel  Because of the outstanding location of the hotel and the packages available, there is a potential for these rooms to sell out quickly. If you have decided to attend the Aer Lingus College Football Classic with the Class of ’75, strongly consider reserving your package as soon as possible.
3. How to Reserve: This is a big one, as there are MANY pre/post weekend tour options available (see the Choose Your Package” drop-down menu on the Tenon Tour main reservation page). I asked Tenon Tours to build in a lot of flexibility for us, as most, if not all, will want to explore Ireland as part of the visit. That said, you may not have decided on your follow-on tour plans yet. Strong Suggestion: If you are sure that you will be attending the Aer Lingus College Football Classic with Tenon Tours, but unsure of your pre and/or post weekend activities, book the basic Dublin-Only four day package now (to take advantage of the early registration perk), and modify your additional tour plans later. 
4. Custom Tour Option: This is a great perk! Many may be traveling with friends/family/company-mates and will be using the Ireland trip as an opportunity to reunite and spend more time together. As such, I’ve asked Tenon to assign a “Custom Tour Representative” to assist with planning and executing custom plans for groups. The perfect group size would consist of 6-8 couples from a transportation and cost perspective, but ANY custom tour can be planned for ANY group size. How to do this:
* Individually sign up for the basic Dublin-Only four day package (everyone on the prospective group tour).
* Coordinate/communicate with friends/family/company-mates to decide who wants to travel together and where/when.
* Have a single group representative speak directly with the Tenon Tours Custom Tour Representative to personally design your tour.
* Additional custom tour attendees contact the Tenon Tours Custom Tour Representative to add your name(s).
5. You may notice a line item on the Tenon Tours introduction page about additional day tours and events being TBA. In the months to come, I’ll be working with Tenon Tours to arrange optional day tours, dinner venues and perhaps even a Golf outing. I’ll be on a Recon Mission sometime this March to scout out options.
6. Early Arrival: Seriously consider arriving at the Herbert Hotel on Wednesday, August 26. I asked Tenon Tours to include this option, as activities begin on Thursday and you might not want “Jet Lag” to get in the way of a fun time. We may still party like Flowerchildren, but we’re not 18 anymore! Also, I may be planning some optional activities on Thursday (with a relaxed wakeup time) to set the stage for the evening.
7. Travel Insurance: Tenon Tours does offer travel insurance. Upon submission of your deposit, you will receive a confirmation email that will include the option for travel insurance.
There will be more to come in the months ahead. As always, if there are any questions, feel free to contact me
Beat Notre Dame 2020!

Posted: 3/5/2017

From the class Prez  (sent by email on 01MAR2017)

75, I think we are up and running with our communications. Our company reps are having great success with contacting their company mates.

Test 1: did you receive this email from me directly and from your company rep? If so, then the system is working. If you only received it from me, then you need to contact your company rep (listed at the end of this email). If you only received it from your company rep, then you need to go into and update your Alumni Association contact information. (a reminder: you can opt out of all Alumni Association mail but still allow me to contact you via the class presidents email. so, don’t be afraid to log on and set up your account)

The purpose of this email is to survey the class regarding the next reunion.

Please Note: Respond to your company reps with your input to the survey. Please DO NOT, respond to my email with your responses. The company reps will collate the inputs from the 20 or so members of the company. That will be easier than my receiving 1300 emails from the class. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from you, it just means I don’t want to collate 1300 surveys. Only input from the company reps will be counted.

USNA 75 45th Reunion Survey:

1.  What did you like most about the 40th?

2.  What didn’t you like about the 40th  (weather notwithstanding)?

3.  Was the cost (not including individual transportation) too great for the experience/opportunities for comradery delivered? Too little? About right?

4.  How important is it to you to have the 45th in Annapolis (scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being extremely important)?

5.  If not Annapolis, where would you suggest (lower 48 please)?  Also, consider that proximity to a larger metropolitan locations eases travel arrangements.

6.  How important is it to you to have the 45th on a football weekend? (scale of 1 to 5)

7.  Would you be receptive to a reunion in the fall on a non-football weekend?

8.  Would you consider a reunion at USNA during a major away game? This would allow us to watch the game in the N* room without purchasing a ticket to enter the stadium. It would also allow us to set a date farther in advance. Now that we are in a conference, the schedule is not set until January of the same year. The Air Force game is away during our 45th, but it is already scheduled.

9.  Would you be receptive to a reunion in the spring?

10. Would you like a spring reunion during a spring sport weekend? We often have off year reunions during a spring sports.

i. Lacrosse       ii.  Baseball

11. What events would you like to see repeated during the 45th reunion?

i.  Crab Feast         ii. Golf tournament       iii. Formal Dinner                iv. Dancing

v. Informal BBQ     vi. Farewell Brunch      vii. Company event time

12. Which (if any) of the above events did you feel were not worth the effort or was the most unsatisfactory?

13. Would you prefer a more expensive hotel that is located within walking distance of downtown Annapolis?

14. Would you prefer a less expensive hotel farther out and utilize busses for transportation.

15. Are you interested in a standard giveaway?

16. Would you prefer more Class Crest items to purchase?

17. Would you be interested in a class crest for your blue blazer?

18.  Which committee would you consider joining to improve the overall experience/enjoyment of the    45th Reunion.  Volunteers from afar are welcomed!

19.  Other items or comments…of a constructive nature:

Thank you for participating in the survey and we value your input. 

Regards,       Chris “Chick” Cikanovich

Reminder about class photos

Posted: 2/18/2016

The following info can always be found at the Photos link —

Photos from class activities can be found at the class SmugMug site.  Whenever you are prompted for a password, use the nickname given to the class by the ‘Dant (all lower case, no space).

My beautiful picture

Photos taken by the professional photographer at the Reunion activities and available for purchase can be found at 

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