Mission Comple –                                  11/15/2021)

A good time was had by all. Check out the photos.

9 Days and counting —                       (10/26/2021)

I wanted to take a few moments to continue to provide updates and informatin for the reunion.

First Item: Dress for the various events. 

Several people have asked about the prescribed dress for the various events.   Rather than set the uniform of the day, let me tell you what Diane and I are wearing.

Golf Outing:  Golfing attire

Crab Feast: very casual crab eating / beer drinking attire.

Friday events:   I am wearing a tie and jacket since I will be on stage for several events, plus it gives the sniper an easier target. Business Casual is good.

Friday Evening: The dinner / dance has usually been semi formal through these last 46 years.   I will be wearing a suit, Diane will be wearing a cocktail dress.   Please feel free to wear whatever you deem appropriate.  We have a DJ and look forward to dancing the night away.

Saturday: Navy Jersey / Blue and Gold or whatever you believe shows your true colors.

Second Item: Masks

There were rumors flying at the last tail gate regarding masks, vaccines, and whatever else ties you in a knot these days.

Yes while on the yard in a government building, masks are required.  In the various Friday events, class meeting, memorial service, Midshipmen Store you need to wear a mask.

There is a “recommendation” that while indoors at the stadium, a mask should be worn if you are not vaccinated or not actively engaged in eating or drinking.   My experience attending several functions on the yard and at the stadium is that the “actively involved in eating and drinking” codicile is excercised to the maximum.   In every one of those events, as soon as we entered we had a drink and or food, then all masks were set aside.

We are having the crab feast and the tailgate at the stadium.   The stringent mask rules from the yard are not as rigid at the stadium.

The Friday night dinner is at the Graduate Hotel.   A recent move on my part, not the least was to alleviate government oversight of our function.

The bottom line: we are all adults and hopefully educated enough to understand and execute against all guidance from whatever source you choose.   If you need Chris Cikanovich to guide you through these decisions or mandate your behaviour then please call me so I can work with you directly.   Meanwhile we have classmates who are world reknowned medical experts, and 10 thousand times smarter than I, who have provided guidance in all these things.  So I hope you pay more attention to them.

Next Item: you have to check in at the Westin or other location listed in the schedule of events in order to get your “Name Tag”, updated Schedule of Events and “Goody Bag”.

Bus Transportation: will be provided from the various hotels to the events on the yard, the stadium and Graduate Hotel.   We will be sharing buses with USNA 80 to save money.  A large overhead goes with the reunion, regardless the number of attendees so the more people we can get to attend, the better chance to cover the overhead.

For your information: Herff Jones is a sponsor of our reunion and will be on sight at Ackerson Tower during the Tailgate Watch Party.   They will be cleaning rings and miniatures and checking our rings for security of stones etc..   They will also be selling rings and miniatures as well as items created from the copper from the Chapel Dome.  So wear your rings and get a free cleaning.

For me, any day with my brothers is a great day and the more brothers the more I enjoy the day.  Having our ladies there makes it a fantastic day and is a true icing on the cake.

All the best, See you soon.  Chris “Chick”

15 Days and counting — 

Dear 75,             (10/19/2021)         USNA75 2021 Reunion Schedule      (PDF, 1 page copy of schedule)

It is now 15 days until we meet in Annapolis for our 45+1 reunion.   The updated Schedule of Events is listed below.

I want to enlist your help.   As the time approaches I want to make sure that you understand I have committed to certain minimum numbers of attendees for all events.   Additionally we are getting very close to the time when we have to let our caterers know how many people will attend each event so they can order food.

This is especially important for the Crab Feast on Thursday evening.   I need to give them updated numbers by this Friday, October 22.

So please register if you haven’t already done so.   If you are waiting to decide, don’t wait, we have planned a great time in the best venues with all considerations taken into account. If you suddenly decide to attend at the last minute, we will make a special arrangement to have you registered on the spot.

I have also heard that some companies have decided to hold their own event rather than attend the events we have planned for you.   As mentioned, I have committed to certain minimum number of attendees based on the earlier numbers provided by the company reps.   If you are suddenly deciding to not attend certain events and hold your company special event, you affect the entire class and the class budget since we still have to pay for the difference.  We have set aside Saturday evening for the company events.   I hope you will consider having your special comopany event at that time and reconsider attending the events planned for the entire class.

I look forward to seeing you all in 15 days.   There is no time like the present to get together.

All the best,     Chris

Class of 1975 45th Reunion

November 4-7, 2021

Thursday 4 November        

0730-1600           Midshipmen Store Hours

0900-1700           Visitor Center Hours

0900-1700           Museum Hours

1200-1215           Noon Meal Formation

1000-1130           Check-in at Westin Hotel

1100-1700           Golf outing at USNA Course

1730-1830           Reunion Check-in at N-Star Room

1800-2100           Crab Feast at N-Star Room


Friday 5 November        

0730-1600           Midshipmen Store Hours

0900-1700           Visitor Center Hours

0900-1700           Museum Hours

0830-1700           Reunion Check-In at Westin Hotel

0930-1030           Class Meeting on the Yard Rickover 102

1100-1200           Memorial in Main Chapel

1200-1215           Noon Meal Formation

1350-1445           Alumni Association Welcome and USNA Leadership Briefing-on the Yard-Mitscher Hall

1445-1530           Stockdale Center Leadership Briefing- Dr. Joseph Thomas-on the Yard-Mitscher Hall

1915-2030           Jewish Service in Levy Center

1800-2300           Cocktail Reception and Dinner/dance at Graduate Hotel


Saturday 6 November     

0730-1200           Midshipmen Store Hours

0900-1700           Museum Hours

0900-1700           Visitor Center Hours

1430-2000           Football Game Watch/Tailgate Party at Akerson Towers

1500                     Navy @ Notre Dame


Sunday 7 November      

0900-1700           USNA Visitor Center Hours

0900-1000           Catholic Service (Main Chapel)

1100-1700          Museum Hours

1100-1215          Protestant Service (Main Chapel)


Headquarter Hotel: Westin HQ

Online Registration: https://Signupnow.events/usna1975

Transportation: Annapolis Bus Company

9/6/2021 – Reunion Registration Clarification

There appears to be some confusion over getting into the Reunion Registration Website.


When you first enter the site, you have two options: “Classmates Register Now” or “Log In”

The “Register Now” button is there for you to register to use the site, as in, create an account.

If you created an account last year, THEN you should choose to “Log In”.   If you did not create an account last year, then you need to Register your account.

THEN, you can Log In to: Register for the reunion.

I hope that clarifies it.   If you already had an account, then you should get a message that says an account already exists for this email.

Also,  the registration fee is only for the classmate.   There is no registration fee for the guess.   Other classes are charging a registration fee for everyone but I have chosen to only charge the classmate to reduce the prices.

Additionally, widows will not be charged a registration fee.

If you paid for two registration fees, not to worry, they are backing out the extra fee.

Your company reps have been trained previously on the site and can be a source for questions as well.   Please feel free to ask them first.

Thanks,  Chris  aka “Chick”

9/5/2021 – LAUNCH ‘EM! Register now for the reunion (45 +1)

Ladies and Gentlemen; Boys and Girls; and all the Ships at Sea:

The 45+1 Reunion Registration Site is underway.

So:  Launch Em; Weigh Anchor; Take her to periscope depth or throw another rod in the reactor and register for the 45+1 Reunion.

The link: https://Signupnow.events/usna1975

Looking forward to seeing you all in November..4-7 November.

BE THERE…Don’t Miss It.

Chris “Chick” Cikanovich


8/31/2021 – Standbye to Execute – Registering for reunion (45 + 1)

I know many of you are ready to register for the reunion.

As I had mentioned, we were in the throws of renegotiating some contracts.   Holding the dinner in Dahlgren on Friday evening presented some hurdles in getting to an agreed position.

Consequently, I switched the Friday evening event to the Graduate Hotel on West Street.   Obviously requireing a new set of negotiations.   The Graduate was very cooperative in agreeing to all of our positions on Covid and any risk associated with the latest variant.  That contract has been signed and we are back on track.

The details are now with the creator of the registration site and we should be ready to go in the next few days.

SO, as mentioned…Standby to Execute.   As soon as the site is up and running I will announce it via this class blast, the company reps and the FB page.

There are still hotel rooms available per my previous email.   So don’t delay on reserving your rooms.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Still looking for a volunteer to lead the 50th reunion.   Should be a piece of cake compared to the 45th+1.

Many of us are in Annapolis this week for the Distinguished Graduate Award for ADM Kirk Donald.   If you did not receive your invitation from the Alumni Association, please check your information on USNA.com.   An invite went out to every member of the class.

All the best,   Chris

8/24/2021 – 50th Reunion Class Gift

Go to the tab for Class Giving for information about the Class Gift – https://1975.usnaclasses.net/giving/


8/19/2021 – Order your ’75 Gear posthaste (Deadline – 9/19/2021)  

Short fused as is everything lately.

“Classmates, the Class of 1975 Class Store web site has finally reopened for the “Last Call” for ordering Class of ’75 gear and receiving it in time for the 45th (+1) Reunion..  Make sure to get your order in by September 19th and don’t be a “Straggler”!  The link to the Class of ’75 Class Store web site is http://www.usnaclasstore.com/75store.html  “

Apparently the double up year for so many reunions has jammed the various approved providers as they try to satisfy the regulars and the +1 reunions.   

Good luck ordering.   I have asked him to remain open beyond the reunion so we can still order for Christmas.

Regards, Chris

7/5/2021 – Class Blast from Class President and Company reps – Make hotel arrangements

t has been a busy time as we handle the “ Another Link in the Chain” program.   The committee led by Steve Hubbard has done a great job getting us through phase 1 of the program.   We have designed and produced an Honor Coin to be presented on 19 July when the plebes swear to follow the Honor Code.   We pulled off the I Days efforts with 2 days in a tent welcoming 2025 parents and finally witnessing the Oath ceremony for 2025.   Stuffing 1500 coins into plastic envelopes with information on the Honor Coin was actually a fun evening with classmates, our spouses and libations.

Through all of that, we continue to negotiate with venues, sign contracts and negotiate the hotels for the reunion weekend.   So for all of you who have been waiting patiently, here is the link to arrange your hotel for the reunion:  www.GoNavyTravel.com/group/USNA1975    (Editor’s Note: This link is only for hotel reservations, not “reunion activities” registration).

In case you are interested, we are working on options for the Friday night dinner.   The latest development is that McDonough Hall is up for renovation.  If so, they plan to move the boxing rings into Dahlgren Hall.  Consequently our dinner and dancing will be held around the rings or affected in some way.   Since no one can guarantee Dahlgren and our event, we are in search of another venue.

The registration site will be available soon.   We are adjusting the time for registration and payment to ensure that IF we need to refund money it will be easily executed before funds are transferred into our class account for payment of reunion bills.

Keep your eyes open for more updates as they become available.

Regards, Chris

5/10/2021 – Class Blast from Class President and Company reps –

The reunion is a go!

The Superintendant met with the class presidents and confirmed that he plans to have the yard fully open for visitors in the fall and has given the go ahead for all reunions.

I met with our event planners and we are in the process of reviewing all contracts for minimums and options to adjust for our attendance.   Currently there are 305 who said they will attend.  (305 includes classmates; widows; spouses / significant others).  More attendance numbers are coming in every day.

So start your planning and book your travel for the 4th thru 7th of November 2021. The hotel contracts are in rework and will soon be committed and published for your reservations.  The venues and catering contracts are all in work as well. As soon as everything is locked in, we will have the registration site reopened for all bookings.

I know there are still a lot of questions but I want to keep you informed.   I will continue to publish updates as they are availble.   To be sure, I am not holding back so you now know everything I know.   As soon as I know something I will publish it.   As we have seen in the past, there are ongoing changes in the football schedule.   As of today, the away game with Notre Dame is scheduled for 6 November.

I understand everyone is wondering about restrictions relative to COVID.   The yard is being opened in stages following commissioning.   USNA will follow the various directives from Big Navy; Maryland; and Anne Arundel County.   I do not know if masks will be required.   I do not know if vaccines will be required.   I do not know the rules on social distancing…if any.   I am hoping for unrestriced hugs, kisses and dancing cheek to cheek.

So keep the faith and hang in there.   I am starting back on the diet I planned for reunion V1 and look forward to seeing everyone in November.

All the best,  Chris “Chick” Cikanovich

45th Reunion in 2020 – CANCELLED DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS – News and info for the Class of 1975 45th reunion, scheduled for October 1 – 4, 2020, in Annapolis, MD.  The USNA – USAFA game will be in Colorado but we will be in the Ackerson Tower at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, watching the game.  Stay tuned here, on our FaceBook page, to email blasts, and the Registration Page for additional information.

5/7/2020Finalized draft of class bylaws for review.  Vote for the bylaws and class officers on the Reunion Registration Site (even if you are not planning on attending) when it comes online (soon).

Class of 1975 final bylaws for vote

1/6/2020 – Flyer for the reunion.

3/18/2020 – Message from Class President about “are we going to have the reunion?”

Dear Class of ’75,  I have been contacted by classmates who are wondering if we are going to have our reunion in October.

There are several things to note:

The Academy has postponed the DGA ceremony until October 16 to coincide with the 175th anniversary of the Academy.   I share their confidence that October will be long after we have survived this pandemic.

Since we have our reuinon during an away game, I think we will be less encumbered by any changes to the game schedule resulting from any fallout from our current national emergency.

I will look to our classmates who are medical professionals to provide guidance as we get to late August or early September.

Since we extended the deadline for individuals to announce their candidacy for a class officer position, we have had to delay the launch of the reunion registration site to include the election.

So hang in there.  Stay safe and practice good hygiene.

All the best.      Regards,     Chris

4/9/2020 – DRAFT of the Class Charter and Bylaws         1975-Draft-Bylaws