From 5/15/2021 Class Blast Prez Chick –


Special Request:

We are getting many requests from Parents Clubs and Regional Alumni Associations for representatives from 75 to welcome and brief the incoming plebes from the class of 2025, our link in the chain.

Steve Hubbard is the chairman of our ALITC program.  If you get a request from a Parent’s Club or Alumni Association groups, please coordinate all requests through Steve at:   We have seen that local clubs and associations are not coordinating and we are receiving duplicate and sometimes conflicting requests.  Steve is filling the requests from our volunteers lists and wants to make sure we cover all requests appropriately.

Additionally, Steve and the team constructed a power point presentation for the events.  We want to make sure we have a coordinated message to the incoming plebes.  Parent’s are much more “involved” than they were in 1971, so we need to be conscious of our message to all hands.  Both are very interested in the USNA experience and very interested in what we did in the fleet.  Our link to 2025 is not just about plebe summer but carries us together through graduation and mentoring as they progress in their early service selection.

Thank you for your help and cooperation as we execute our first ALITC efforts.  To repeat, Steve can be contacted at: 

That is all…for now.

Chris “Chick”

From 4/14/2021 Class Blast Prez Chick (notice Reunion 45 [+1] request in last paragraph) –


75, Greetings from Key West,

Somewhere along the way you expressed an interest in helping with Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) program.
I suppose you are wondering – what are we doing with the Class of 2025?
– The Class of 2025 should all receive their appointments over the next week.  As such we are starting to get requests for welcome aboard functions from the various regional alumni and parent groups.  The groups would like to have a member of the class of 75 attend and provide a talk to the incoming plebes.
The ALITC Chair, Steve Hubbard, is preparing a power point presentation for our representatives.  Of course we don’t know which event will be in person or virtual.
Steve is looking for volunteers to make the presentation.  Volunteers, please reply to Steve ( ) & cc me ( , providing your home location so Steve can match them with requests. Also provide how far you are willing to travel (i.e., 50 miles, a hundred,miles)
We are waiting on information for I Day and will update as appropriate.
– Later in the summer is the Honor Coin Ceremony (where we present a challege coin to each member of the Class of 2025).
– At the end of the summer .. IF there is a Parent’s Weekend, IF there is a parade, IF we get an invite to attend, I will forward a note on that as well.
As an aside, please let your company representative know if you plan to attend the reunion during the weekend of November 4-6.  I would like to get an idea of interest.
Chris “Chick”.