Class of 1975 – Reunion 45 (+1) info and request for info

Posted: 4/25/2021

From 4/22/2021 “Class Email Blast (from Class Prez Chick) –


Dear 75

Over the last 2 weeks I received several queries about the reunion and other class projects.   I was out of the office and prefered to work from my laptop in the hopes of not missing to disseminate key information.

I recently sent out updates via the class blast on the reunion and other class projects and hoped that the Co Reps would duplicate distribution.   Apparently the Class Blast did not go out to All Hands and was missed by some of the Co Reps which in turn meant the comms did not get to those who are not on the Alumni Association distribution.

This email went out to your company reps earlier today.  We are also duplicating the info on the Facebook Page and on our Website.   Short of 1300 phone calls, we are trying our best to get updates to All Hands.

Understand, this is what I know as of today, 22 April 2021.  Please pass along to any 75er you may meet:

Reunion Update:

The details are fairly easy.   The plan is exactly as it was planned for 2020 except that it is now planned for 4-7 November 2021.

  • Thursday: Golf Tournament and evening Crab Feast.
  • Friday: Memorial Service, Class Meeting, evening Dinner Dahlgren Hall (we have the entire place so we can safely social distance).
  • Saturday: Football Notre Dame away, televised in tailgate venue.  Tailgate in Ackerson tower (not available during home games.)  Home games were already being held by classes having their major reunions v1.  Those of us doing v2 are working options.  We chose ND weekend.
  • Saturday Evening: Company Parties.
  • Sunday: Chapel and Brunch per company as you wish.

In the next few weeks, we will be meeting to see what the Supe will actually allow.

I have a Council of Class Presidents meeting on 28 April.   We hope to get an idea of the Supes plans at that time.   Remember, if the Supe shuts down the yard, then we have to cancel all events on the yard.

I have a meeting with our event planners on 5 May to review dates and deadlines for execution of contracts.

(Late entry) Follow up.   Many have asked about hotels.  We are planning for the same hotels.   Renegotiation to begin after 5 May.   Planning cheap options for those who prefer that option.  We are not planning a Headquarters hotel.

Also, Please check on the widows in your company.   Some are not getting the class blast even though I add them to the list.   My choices, Grads Only.   Non Grads and Widows.   Don’t want to forget our ladies…one and all. (End of Late Entry)

I have asked your Company Reps to survey your company and find out who plans to attend the 2021 reunion.   I just need a simple answer of # who will attend.   That will help us to determine if we have the number of attendees to cover minimums.

Right now the CDC says that vaccinated people can congregate with other vaccinated people without wearing masks.   At least that is what I think I heard.

Thanks for your help and understanding.


Chris “Chick” Cikanovich      Cell: 443-373-3346